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  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a strategy for managing all your company's relationships and interactions with your customers and potential customers.
  • It helps you improve your profitability.
  • Customer Relationship Management enables you to focus on your organisation’s relationships with individual people whether those are customers, service users, colleagues or suppliers.
  • CRM is not just for sales. Some of the biggest gains in productivity can come from moving beyond CRM as a sales and marketing tool and embedding it in your business.


  • You can add loyalty points on every sale to a specific customer in the Loyalty program management software and redeem them when they come back.
  • You can send sms of the points after every sale or at a pre-defined interval to remind the customer of the balance loyalty points. This will make the customers return to you and will help in increasing returning sales.
  • The points can be pre-set by you and the customer can be informed of the pending points by SMS after every sale.
  • Loyalty Programs feature also keeps your customers prompted and informed of the upcoming offer and discounts


  • Save money & Greater accuracy
  • Integrated payments allow you to remove human error from the equation entirely.
  • You can scale up and improve your marketing efforts accordingly.
  • You have a convenient record of every RUPEE that has come in and out of your business. Some integrated payment solutions even allow you to export this information directly into your favorite tax preparation software.


  • Alert the manager when the stock level reaches minimum for better utilization. Red Alert.
  • When an employee types wrong password for manger's login or when he stops the daily backup schedule process mid-way at EOD. Security Alert the manager as soon as an employee cancels a bill, applies unsanctioned discounts or edits the bill without prior approval.
  • Welcome Message Greet new customers, as well as on special occasions such as festivals, birthdays etc.
  • Business Alert Send a daily summary of sales/purchase report as PDF to the line manager at a scheduled time.
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