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Tablet Billing

Delight your customers by giving them the option of place their orders themselves through a tablet. Eliminate the scope of errors in order taking by letting your customers take charge!

Inventory Management

Ideal POS Keep a track of the stock requirements of your Ice-Cream parlour. Set re-order levels and set reminders to order so that you never run out of an item.

Feedback Management

Show your customers that you care by asking for their feedback through Ideal Pos Feedback App. Set instant alerts for poor reviews so that you can take immediate actions to pacify an unhappy customer.

Production Management

Control the entire ice-cream production with the help of Ideal POS Production Management Module for Ice Cream Parlours.


  • Restaurant one of the most crowded place where everyone is in hurry, they want their order should be placed fast and faster the billing should be , So Ideal Pos Give Best Solution for All Restaurant Sector.
  • Ideal Pos Restaurant Software set operator wise boundations.
  • Ideal POS have provision to keep track and complete documentation of the perishable inventory.
  • Ideal Pos Software provides easier working style i.e. either by touch screen (virtual keyword with pop list with the images of the items) or by keyboard.
  • Mobile POS enables staff to transact at tableside for more efficient service.
  • Self-service kiosks keep queues short.
  • Sales and marketing tools like CRM and email marketing help you generate repeat visits and grow your customer base.
  • Inventory controls and alerts keep you aware of supply levels and prevent discrepancies.
  • Integrated accounting monitors closely sales and costs.
  • Staff management enables you to track employee activities and performance.
  • All voids & offers are permission based and a complete history is maintained of what goes inside the software.
  • Keep a complete track of your inventory through the Stock In and Stock Out feature.
  • Create roles and permissions for each task. Each editing in the bills or discounts offered to customers is recorded.
  • View the variance in the Stock at the end of each day.
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Waiter Performance Management

Measure the number of items upsold by your order taking staff.
View the Table Turnover time taken by each Waiter.
Keep a track of the clock-in and clock-out time of the staff.

Integrated CRM

Create customized SMS and email campaigns and send them to your customers.
Create custom Loyalty Program offers for maximum customer engagement.
Customer data captured from multiple sources is automatically updated at the CRM.

Detailed Reporting

Operator Wise Powers & Boundations with Operator Log Book.
Sales / Purchase Analysis.
Financial, Expenses & Budget Analysis.
Gross Profit Analysis.
Online Graph, SMS & E-mail.
Budgets / Targets / Credit Limits.