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  • An operating restaurant needs to store hundreds of items with different computation patterns, minimum order quantity and supply lead-time.
  • This makes it difficult to maintain a good inventory position in which you do not end up blocking a large chunk of your operating funds and at the same time do not run out of stock position.
  • View the status of the Stock items ordered, purchased, and received at individual outlets.
  • Raise Purchase Orders based on previous consumption.


  • View the food costs incurred by each outlet during a particular period.
  • Compare the Food Costs of multiple outlets to analyze the performance of each outlet.
  • View the Actual Food Cost and Ideal Food Cost of finished goods for a specific date range.
  • Compare the Actual Food Cost versus the Ideal Food Cost by calculating the Variance.
  • View and analyze comprehensive reports and make smart decisions.


  • Physical stock check helps to detect and discourage malpractice in store management. Since a store needs to deal with hundreds of items on a daily basis, a full stock in one go is not practical.
  • IDEAL POS helps to record the physical stock of items based on random warehouse, group, bin, etc.
  • It also simplifies the periodical stock check and recording of the physical inventory count.
  • The physical stock check is reconciled with the inventory records and helps to handle discrepancies, such as missing stock.